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Our specialized team offers complete Strategy, Development, Design, SEO, Content, Branding, Reputation and Integrated Marketing concepts to effectively leverage your brand, sell your products/services and broadcast your message to a targeted vertical audience. It is our job to determine your needs, help you reach your target market, and share your company story.

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Ordering a pizza just got super fun for the holidays! Pizza Hut is running a fantastic campaign when you order the Triple Treat Box that includes a brass band, drum solo and ends with a pyrotechnic display. This family in Utah were completely surprised...

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Is your business NAP searchable?

  Are you a business owner concerned that customers just aren't finding you? Do you want to know how your business is being viewed across the web? Incorrect or incomplete information online causes small businesses to lose potential customers ...

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My Navigator Never Forgets

  Navigation and Map applications are great! They pretty much beat paper directions hands-down for convenience, ease of use and reliability. However, a few thoughts that often keep me from using the navigator on my phone, instead of printing or...

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LC Media specializes in company branding.  Let us help you create the name, logo, or slogan that will identify your company for years to come.  Whether your just starting or active in traditional or internet marketing, your brand always comes first.

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Creating valuable content can be a very difficult task.  Let us learn your business then create and push content to your your site, blog, and social media.  The less you worry about this, the more you can concentrate on important business decisions.

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Search Engine Optimization.  What a scary concept, right?  Think again.  LC Media understands the ins and outs of what search engines are looking for.  We use latest algorithms to increase your online rankings so you can be found before your competitors!

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Think of design like fashion.  Not everyone has a sense for it, but trust us, it matters.  You wouldn’t want yourself going out in public looking bad, so why would you be okay with sending your company out like that?  When your company looks good, you reap the rewards.

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Web Development

With people spending both more time and money online then ever before, now’s the time to have a great online presence.  Your main store front is no longer brick and mortar, it’s your website.  Make sure it looks and functions great!

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Every heard the phrase “You’ve got my word”?  That’s putting your reputation on the line.  In today’s internet driven media world, it’s important to manage your online reputation as well and make sure the public is seeing the right things.

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About LC Media

LC Media Consultants delivers complete media, web design/development, SEO, content creation/curation, Branding, ORM and marketing solutions. We use intelligent strategies to help businesses tell their story and communicate with their followers, customers and fan base using web technologies, social media platforms and online community spaces.

It is our mission to understand who you are, what your business does, what your brand stands for and how to most effectively translate your goals into positive action.

Laura Vanderhye/ Owner

Over the last twenty-five years Laura Vanderhye has worked in the media, sales/marketing, promotions, entertainment and concert/event industries. She is an innovative, tech-savvy leader with global experience. As a Media Consultant, Marketing Director, Producer, Promoter and Production Manager, Laura possesses superior artist/client management skills and has cultivated a broad network of artist/vendor/media relationships and key contact sources.

Web Design/ Development Team

Specializing in services that make your brand stand above the competition. Our core competency is Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Website Development. LC Media also excels at using 3D animation, motion graphics, and graphic design to help build your brand. We are proud to have built a solid relationship with our clients through our knowledge of web 2.0, social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques.

LC Media Consultants offers two core competencies. The first is making your company look good on the Web. If you don’t have a Web site, we’ll build it. If you already have one, we’ll make it better. The other thing we do is Internet marketing. Once a Web presence has been established, LC Media offers incredible programs to drive traffic to your organization or business. Whether its design or marketing . . . We think you’ll be pleased with the affordability of our services.

Whether your interest is a new logo or a revamped website to establish your identity, a custom illustration to improve a brochure or animation to bring an idea to life, our mission is to get you noticed. Along with our passion, our commended artistic and computer aided design skills and use of the latest in software technology, LC Media Consultants business model offers the highest quality work for less.

Content Development Team

Quality content is a vital component of website development. It is necessary to support your overall online marketing strategy. Our Lead Site Editor and team of content specialists will help bridge the transition from your website development project/Social media campaign into an ongoing publication process that maintains your web site/social profiles after launch.  We will help your business improve SEO results, engagement and conversions by creating fresh and relevant content for your targeted audience which is consistent, engaging and rich with pertinent keywords woven into your company story and brand message.

Our Team

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Laura Vanderhye
Entrepreneur • MediaManager •Strategist • Web Designer •SEO/ORM Specialist • Content Creator • Marketer • Professional • Passionate • Positive
Ahhhh...it's time for the ‪holiday‬ advertising. This is a must see which includes a brass band, drum...
posted 4 days ago
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posted 5 days ago
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After 24 years of Web evolution, Javascript emerges as the driving programming language for Web development...
posted 14 days ago
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LC Media created a website, from “scratch”, that will undoubtedly put us ahead of the competition. Laura Vanderhye & her team are fantastic at understanding client needs, in relation to being foremost in the field of service. She genuinely cares about client success.

~Larry and Cheryl Herman, Copperhead Electric, LLC

We were referred to LC Media through clients. We have been constantly impressed at the depth of understanding they have of web development, social media and marketing, and we find ourselves working with a team of friends now. They are awesome!

-Marlene G. Haircut Design Studio

“Can’t say enough about Laura Vanderhye and LC Media! Professional, knowledgeable, efficient and patient. Her team was always available within minutes to answer questions and offer suggestions. I recommend her team highly to anyone looking for help with digital marketing.”

~Meghan Tidwell, Gem E Marketing

“LC Media was able to reduce our time, increase our efforts and provide uniformity to SBSA’s social presence. SBSA would recommend LC Media to other business owners looking to manage the technology that has become commonplace to our clients.”

~Ed Fronapfel, SBSA, Inc.

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